Android Vs iOS : A Never Ending War

Everyone knows this mobile OS war between Android and iOS is a never ending war. The fans of both OS always have an argument (Including me :P), so I just thought of writing an article about this. I am actually an Android user and also a iOS user. I am using Samsung Galaxy S and an iPod, but I have also used a iPhone 4 ;). Anyway let’s talk about the two most top operating system for a smart phone and tablet today. Both Google and Apple will tell you that the operating system is the heart and soul of a smartphone or tablet, and apparently the top feature of a smartphone. Android and Apple’s iOS are considered as the biggest players in the smartphone operating system market today, based on market share and overall functionality, but the advantages and disadvantages of both platforms are obvious.

There are people who says Android OS is copy of iOS, which is not and nobody (including Apple and Microsoft) is claiming that it is.  You might think that Apple and Microsoft sued Android. That is because Android infringe on technologies and concepts patents owned by Apple and Microsoft. Apple and Microsoft only sued Android manufactures (Samsung and HTC) not Google. Microsoft sued android manufactures because of running the FREE OS Android and Apple sued Samsung and HTC because of some UI patent. So Google decided to release the Ice Cream Sandwich which is a total delicious redesigned, unified UI.

After 2 weeks of iOS 5 release Google released Android 4.0 which is named as Ice Cream Sandwich. When Apple launched iOS 5 , iPhone and iPad users got a bunch of features that Android users already enjoy, including notifications, wireless syncing, and PC-free operation. I l talk about some features below.

In iOS 5, iPhone and iPad users no longer have to worry about annoying pop-ups from other apps intruding on their gaming or reading sessions. Instead, a notification will slide down from the top of the screen and disappear as quickly as it came. You can also view all your notifications in one place called Notification Center available from the lock screen or by just swiping downward from the top of the device screen. It’s a great way to handle notifications, and Android users have loved it since at least 2009, when Google introduced Android OS 2.0.

With Apple’s new iCloud feature, you can back up your iDevice’s data including apps, e-books, calendar and so on. Then if you buy a new iOS device, you just type in your Apple ID and password and your new device gets populated with all the content backed up to iCloud. It’s part of Apple’s new PC free push, and Android users first got a taste of this feature in 2008.

Apple is building deep Twitter integration into iOS 5 that will let you tweet content from a variety of apps including Photos, Camera, Safari, YouTube and Maps. Granted, Android doesn’t have Twitter-specific integration, but it does have a developer feature called Intents. This feature means Android devices can send content between apps on the phone, including social networking services. Sure, it’s not the one-touch offering you get with Twitter in iOS 5, but Android allows you quick access to more than just Twitter.

Apple is finally catching up with Android by offering over-the-air updates that let you update your phone’s software without syncing with iTunes. Android has been offering such updates from day on.

Apart from these iOS 5 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich has several good features in their own way.

So this is how Apple copied and Android or did Apple copy Windows Phone 7? Microsoft’s Phone 7 chief Joe Belfiore recently said on Twitter he was “flattered” to see so many Phone 7 features headed to iOS 5. Shocking isn’t it?


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