iPhone 4S Camera

iPhone 4S has got many updates. But what I was amazed about is the camera. Some people might think why should you more care about the iPhone camera. Well I l explain now what you have in it and the photos taken by iPhone 4s camera. You can’t believe it a phone camera šŸ˜€ I am sure you will be amazed like me ;).

It has a superb 8 mega pixel camera which has a 1080p video recording with a real time imageĀ stabilization.Ā This is a nice feature for small cameras, since, lacking heft, they tend to wiggle around a lot. The best of all is the lens.Ā The iPhoneā€™s lens now has a maximum aperture of f2.4, which not only lets in more light but also allows for a greater separation between subject and background. This shallower field of focus wonā€™t rival an SLR because depth of field is also a function of sensor size. But one look at the sample photos shows that it is a big step up from most any other cellphone camera.

The lens also gets another element, bringing the total up to five. It might seem like putting in more glass would make it harder for the light to get through, but more elements usually equates to sharper, less distorted images.


Check the photos in this link which is taken by a iPhone 4S.Ā http://campl.us/iPhone-4S-Extreme-Closeups


3 responses to “iPhone 4S Camera

    • not sure about the shutter speed..but it’s far better camera than iPhone 4s… you can read my article on iPhone 4S and decide whether to change or not ;)https://zahlanzaan.wordpress.com/2011/10/07/my-point-of-view-iphone-4s/

  1. I’m a big fan of the iPhone 4S camera. Some of the photography apps are fun. The accessories you can get for it are amazing too. The Olloclip is pretty ace. Worth checking out anyway.

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