Samsung’s ChatOn Messaging

After the launch of iOS 5 a war started between Apple’s iMessage and BlackBerry Messenger. Now Samsung has come up it’s own messaging service called ChatOn, with the promise of supporting even its competitors’ smartphones (That’s gonna be so coool!!! :D). Like BBM and iMessage, ChatON will let users send text, images and videos to other phone and tablet users for free. Of course, the service will be available on Samsung’s Android and Bada devices, but ChatON apps will also be available for iPhone, BlackBerry and other Android phones, while a web client will let users continue the conversation on their PCs.

At present, ChatON supports Android, bada and Samsung feature phones, but the company promises support for iOS and BlackBerry soon.

In addition to mobile chat, ChatON plans to offer a Web-based client that will allow users to chat from their PCs, too. Users can have private 1-to 1-conversations, participate in group chats and share media, like photos, videos, voice messages and contacts.

On Samsung’s feature phones, the service allows for text, images, calendar appointment and contact sharing. On smartphones, users will have a few extra options, such as the ability to comment on each other’s profiles, send multimedia messages that combine text and audio, and view their own “Interaction Rank,” which displays how active they are on the ChatOn network.

The Android Market description also adds something about sending “animation” messages, which are created by drawing.


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